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This document provides a summary of the changes between releases. The section headings in this document correspond to the tags used within the repositories. While not guaranteed, we will endeavor to keep the latest master set of files compile-able and functionally correct.


Release date: 9th July 2017. The main change for this release is that the QEPlugin library has been split the into two distinct libraries which are:

Both libraries are part of the the qeframework repository, with QEFramework built from the qeframeworkSup application and the QEPlugin library built from the new

qepluginApp application. Using linux-x86_64 as an example EPICS host architecture the libraries are built and installed into:


This means that QT_PLUGIN_PATH needed not change as the plugin library is installed into a directory called designer (as was previously "faked" by use of

a symbolic link). Application building using the framework library need to reference QEFramework as opposed to QEPlugin.

Because the qepluginApp build uses the qeframeworkSup, the following has been added to the qeframework configure/RELEASE file:


This need to be configured to point to the qeframeworkSup top directory. Unfortunately one cannot say QE_FRAMEWORK=$(TOP). Please see comments in configure/RELEASE.

There have also been a number of other changes to qegui and qegramework since release r3.4.3 as outlined below. Apart from referencing the QEFramework library there have been no other changes to qeByteArrayTest, qeMonitor, qeReadArchive etc.




Release date: 5th June 2017. This release basically consolidates the transition from SourceForge to GitHub, and also accommodates the support of headless builds (on Windows). However, it also include a major bug fix and a number of minor functional changes


Release date: 29th April 2017.

This is initial release at GitHub. This is functionally equivalent to the last SourceForge release despite the overall restructure.

Earlier Releases

Refer to SourceForge for all history prior to release r.3.4.2 as the SourceForge history has not been transferred to GitHub.