Repository Structure


This page describes how the repositories at GitHub are organised.

The transfer of the EPICS Qt framework from SourceForge to GitHub has been an ideal opportunity for a few organisational changes. These are outlined below. There were no major functionality changes per se as part of the initial transfer. However since the transfer a lot has happend (e.g. library split into load library and plugin library, archive appliance integration, PV Access integration).

The major transfer change is that EPICS Qt was been split into a number of components, each managed in its own GitHub repository.

The three primary repositories are:

Also significant is the the qeBinaries repository which contain rpm files (for Linux) and msi files (for Windows).

The other repositories less significant/optional, and basically provide examples of using or extending the framework.

There is no longer an epicsqt.pro overall project file to build all sub projects. Each code repository still has its own project file(s), e.g. framework.pro, QEGuiApp.pro, and these may be opened by qtcreator in order to build each component as could be done previously.

However, each component is now located within its own EPICS top directory that allows the component to be readily and headlessly built in a much more EPICS-like fashion by just calling make from within the top directory. Under-the-covers, each component’s application directory’s Makefile essentially invokes qmake and then make on the generated Makefile.

In the case of qeframework, the include files are placed in top/include and the shared library/dll file is placed in top/lib/epics_host_arch. The qeframework plugin library is located in top/lib/epics_host_arch/designer. In the case of qegui, this is located in top/bin/epics_host_arch.

The use of the environment variable QE_TARGET_DIR may still be used to override this.

Each code repository has a r3.4.2 tag which corresponds to the last SourceForge 3.4.2 release. The latest release is 3.7.1, and each repository has a corresponding r3.7.1 tag.

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